Dec. 8th, 2023 01:46 am
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Got some concrit you want me to know about? Then I'd love to hear about it! Doing Chrono justice is important to me, so I welcome any advice or concerns that anyone has!

Anon enabled (or should be, poke me on a sock or something if it isn't), but comments are unscreened. If this makes people uncomfortable I'm willing to change it.
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"Oh...n-now? Er, hello. This is Chrono. I'm sorry I didn't answer right away--please leave a message and I'll respond as soon as I can!


Wait, how do I tell this thing that the message is fin--?"

((OOC:Please specify if the message is video, text, etc in the subject line!))
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Warning: TL;DR always

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[Chrono's outside near a clothing line, working on hanging up a ridiculous amount of laundry. Who's laundry is it? Why is there so much? WHO KNOWS! Knowing him he offered to help one person with it and then everyone jumped on the opportunity to be lazy and he was too nice to say no. Whatever the reason, he doesn't seem to mind much--he's humming an off-tune song to himself and working away, as happy as can be.

He finishes hanging up a crisp, white shirt when suddenly his eyes goes wide. There's a person, out there, in the distance! Could it be....YOU?]

[OOC: Or you could come up with a better prompt than this lame one, I don't care. As long as we have something to screw around with and have fun it's cool! =Db]


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