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random voice testing/screwing around post thing!!??

[Chrono's outside near a clothing line, working on hanging up a ridiculous amount of laundry. Who's laundry is it? Why is there so much? WHO KNOWS! Knowing him he offered to help one person with it and then everyone jumped on the opportunity to be lazy and he was too nice to say no. Whatever the reason, he doesn't seem to mind much--he's humming an off-tune song to himself and working away, as happy as can be.

He finishes hanging up a crisp, white shirt when suddenly his eyes goes wide. There's a person, out there, in the distance! Could it be....YOU?]

[OOC: Or you could come up with a better prompt than this lame one, I don't care. As long as we have something to screw around with and have fun it's cool! =Db]
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[It's not exactly a person. And it's much farther away than it first appears to be, but don't worry because it's zooming closer and closer.... very very fast.

Fast like it just dropped out of orbit or something.

And then it hits the ground a little, and starts rolling in a jumble of arms and legs and other things that might be wings and it's obviously falling apart and making a horrible clanking and breaking sound and yep... there's goes part of the laundry as it finally crashes to a halt.

And then this boy pops out, perfectly unscathed.]

Well, that wasn't really as hard as I thought it would be.
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Sorry about your laundry.

[As if that explains anything. At all. But maybe he's just trying to remember all those English lessons he's supposed to have paid attention to.]

Hey, can you tell me where this is?
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Oh wow! I'm in America!

[Which is exciting because he's never been to America before. And near New York City no less!]
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Nope! I'm from Japan.

[His bright eyes dart around the area, and he holds out a hand to the boy in front of him. Because, in America you shake hands, of course.]

My name's Takuto. Tsunashi Taku--no, wait, I mean, it's Takuto Tsunashi.

[Because in America, you say your given name then your family name.]
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Anyway, if you could do me a favor, Chrono, please don't tell anyone about, uh... that...

[He gestures towards the wreckage of Tauburn, his heart breaking a little to see the cybody in such a state. Still, it's better than Takuto himself being in that state.]

Don't worry, I'll try to clean it up and move it as soon as I can so it won't be a hassle to you.
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Right. I'm hoping I can fix it. I just... do you have a phone I can borrow?
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Sure! No problem.

[He's going to head back towards Tauburn's wreckage and try to figure out just how bad it is. His poor cybody fought so hard....]
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[He'd been standing with a palm placed on Tauburn's exterior, and turns at the sound of Chrono's return. The damage to the cybody is more severe than he'd hoped it would be, but he puts on a smile for his new friend.]

Thanks. [And he picks up the old-timey phone, and then looks for the buttons with confusion. How is he supposed to dial? There's something really funky about this box of a phone.]

Er... I don't think I've ever seen this kind of phone before.... I can use it to make long distance calls, right?
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interesting. so no calls to Japan, huh

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To Japan?
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there must be some kind of holy magic involved with it

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You've... never heard of anyone calling to Japan?

[He picks up the receiver and... he's never actually seen a rotary dial in real life before. He's only relatively certain that this round thing is what he's supposed to use because he's seen it on old tv shows.]

How do I dial?
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oh, that makes more sense >_>

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[He pokes his finger into a hole experimentally.]

Oh, I'd like to try it. I've just never seen a phone like this before.

[And he starts with Japan's country code, then hesitates, then decides his best bet is to call his grandfather. It seems unlikely anyone will be home at Sugata's.

He grins at Chrono until he realizes that there seems to be no connection. He passes the receiver to Chrono--maybe the other boy can help.]

Er... I can't seem to get it working....
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it must be aliendemon-church magic technology. of course

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[Takuto recites the number, his hope fading.]

Maybe I'd better try on a normal phone?
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What about a landline? Or a cell phone?

[He's skeptical that this is the best phone that exists in America. But he can't shake the feeling that something is very off.]
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[That reaction is concerning. Or, maybe he used the wrong English word?

No... he's pretty sure that it's called a cell phone. But maybe his pronunciation is off....]

Cell. Phone. Er... a personal phone? [He's miming dialing on a small phone and then shaping the usual size of one with his hands.]
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ahahah by the time Takuto's expires I will have been in school for a month. decisions.

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I'm surprised you don't know what a cell phone is. Everyone has one in Japan.

[But there's still that feeling that something is very very off.]

Maybe a landline will work best.
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well, I figure after a month of school I'll know whether I can keep roleplaying or not.

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[He doesn't like the idea of anyone else getting to close to the cybody, especially if there was talk of dismembering it. The chances of repairing Tauburn would probably drop to nothing if someone tried to take it apart.]

Right. Then I guess we should hurry?
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me too!!!

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[He follows as asked, keeping quiet until mention of this Elder person again.]

So... who is 'the Elder?'
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oh you

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[Takuto of course stares at the nuns because they are girls, but also because he didn't exactly expect to be at a convent or whatever this place is.]

So... what do we do if he's not here? Should I wait for him?

[He pauses, listening to the laughter of some of the nuns as it echoed down the hallway. This whole experience is nothing like what he imagined his first time in America being like.]

So... is this a church? Why does a church have a research and development department?
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[He peeks a little at the magazines--how can he not--and then looks a little guilty at the mention of researching the supernatural. He's not exactly sure if Tauburn counts as supernatural, but he doubts anyone would define the cybody as 'natural.']

Wait, did you say fighting demons?

[Those are things that actually exist???]
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Exorcists, huh? That sounds really neat.

[He steps over to the phone, and realizes what exactly has been wrong the entire time. This phone... looks ancient. And the other one had been a giant box!]

Er, Chrono... what's the date today?
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/IN EXSILY because lazy.

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[It was going to be a ridiculously busy day, another meeting was coming up and things had to be organized ahead of time. With any luck, however, this would be the last one she had to plan on her own. Or plan at all. At the very least, for now she was running early.

So first she would need to- wait.... in the distance. Why is someone
hanging their laundry? It really wasn't any of her business. But they had things for that sort of issue. A new person who didn't know then? It wouldn't hurt to mention, and maybe some other things. On her approach, she'll fold her arms and point with one hand to the basket still full of clothing.]

You know, they have a box for that, I believe.
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Drying clothes. [She'll tap her chin a moment. How much time does she have to waste exactly? Enough, hopefully.] Are you new here?
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[She's clearly been around too long then. So just a shrug.] It's understandable. [Snort.] A lot of this place makes barely any sense the buttons aren't even the half of it.
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[A short laugh] No, it's nothing like this. [And let's be honest, that's a very good thing.]