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Backtagging: I'm totally cool with backtagging. Sometimes I tend to drop threads if I'm stuck for a reply, or if I'm worried that I've been letting the thread drag on too long, but feel free to let me know if there's a thread you'd like to continue and I'll get right on it!
Threadhopping: I adore threadhopping! As long as the thread isn't locked and the other player is fine with it, hop away!
Fourthwalling: I'd prefer it if you check with me and give me the details on what you'd like to do before you go ahead with this.
Offensive subjects: Go for it, there's nothing in particular that comes to mind that I wouldn't mind playing. Check with me first if you want to be sure.


Hugging this character:
LOL, go for it. God knows he needs some.
Kissing this character: That's fine, although Chrono himself would probably be weirded out by this unless he's asked first. I, however, am one of those muns that enjoys watching her characters squirm.
Flirting with this character: Mun is fine with this, from characters of any sex or gender. Chrono himself tends to be pretty awkward with flirting, though. Depending on the person he miiiight try to flirt back. Or he might just blush and stutter.
Romance/sex in general: I love shipping characters and playing out romance with the right development! Be forewarned, though--Chrono has a lot of angst in his past related to romance AND has a girl he kinda-sorta-maybe has a thing for (but won't admit to it), so it'll probably take a bit of work before he'd be comfortable with the idea.
Fighting with this character: Yes, but be forewarned that as sweet as he appears, Chrono can be a ruthless fighter when backed into a corner. He also hates fighting because he doesn't like to hurt people (but tends to when his demonic instincts/emotions get the better of him). So...yeah, tread with caution.
Injuring this character: Plot this out with me first, but I'm usually pretty cool with this. Chrono's demonic instincts triggering are even more likely if he feels like he's in danger though, so deeefinitely check with me before you cause him any serious injury.
Killing this character: Please ask! I'm open to this but would like to plot it out a bit first.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: I'd say check with me first, because it would really depend on how much you wanted them to know. Honestly outside of digging around for information about Chrono's past (which he hates talking about), you probably wouldn't need to do too much mind reading--as much as he tries to hide it, his heart is usually on his sleeve.

General things to be aware of: Although 90% of the time Chrono is a very sweet guy, a mixture of past trauma, training and demonic instincts has given him a temper that has a long fuse, but is explosive when set off. If pushed too far, particularly if his life or the life of someone he cares about (or a child) is threatened, he could snap and suddenly go into a violent rage that's very hard to stop until he causes a ton of destruction and injury--and not always just toward the person who set him off. This isn't as dangerous without his full demon powers, but it could still lead to him seriously injuring someone.

Don't worry too much about it, since it usually has to be something pretty extreme to set him off that badly and I'll try to give you warning before he goes completely off the rails. It's just something to be aware of!

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